Real Estate Brokerage

We are not your typical commercial real estate firm. It is uncommon to find a company that focuses on retail leasing and investment sales at our level. We view each transaction from a unqiue standpoint…We only represent transactions that we are confident in enough to invest our own money into. It is not about closing a “deal”.  We believe it is about the success of a project while enhancing the surrounding community. Our unique position in the real estate environment enables us to add more value than other firms. The MoMentum team works in concert to maximize the value of your property to hold for future generations or to exit at an increased upside today.

Development Services

MoMentum companies........we know property from the ground up; how to develop it, how to manage it, how to lease or sell it, and most importantly, how to maximize the opportunities it presents.  Our experience level allows a synergistic approach which, combined with hands-on personalized attention to detail, insures every aspect relating to the potential of the property is realized to it’s fullest.  Our ultimate goal is to transform property into opportunity.

As a full-service real estate development company, we manage projects in any development environment, including new construction, redevelopment, historic restoration and troubled project rescue.

Business Sales

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